Daedalus Quartet
"One of the freshest and most exciting of the younger American ensembles."
The New Yorker
The Daedalus Quartet seemed it was flying not on wings of waxy feathers, but rather on jet-propelled rockets of blistering virtuosity... The music rang gloriously, and the audience emerged wowed and grateful."
The Washington Post
"There are so many fine new string quartets and chamber ensembles today that it can be hard to keep them straight - but there's no fear of the Daedalus Quartet getting lost in the shuffle, ... Full of verve and energy. ... It was a beautifully detailed, finished performance ... both incisive and unified."
The Seattle Times
"They built a labyrinth of sound out of the most delicate of materials. Overall, this was splendid music-making... a fabulous performance... infectiously buoyant and exuberant."
The New York Sun
"Such security, technical finish, interpretive unity and sheer gusto it sounded as if these young string players had somehow been performing these works together for a good 50 or 60 years... The Daedalus members were so at-one with their composers, we were happily caught off-guard by every emotional surprise they sprang."
The Washington Post
"Polished and vigorous."
The New York Times
"A riot of joyful noise."
The Buffalo News
"The Daedalus Quartet is about clear, refined musicality, drawing an audience into a performance through understatement. Pretty soon, the hall is stock-still as the quartet goes about exposing the delicate inner workings of the music. ... In its best moments _ and there were a lot of them - the performance of works by Schubert, the tortured Romantic, and Gyorgy Ligeti, that harrowed soul of contemporary composition, was pretty extraordinary. It felt like a tour through hidden worlds. ... Finely cultured, authoritative yet relaxed, the group id a string quartet to keep an eye on."
San Jose Mercury-News
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