Daedalus Quartet
Fred Lerdahl: String Quartets 1, 2 & 3 (Music of Fred Lerdahl, Vol. 3)
Label: Bridge Records
Released: May 22, 2012
Catalog Num: 9352

This is the first recording of Fred Lerdahl's complete cycle of three string quartets, which he wrote between 1978 and 2008. Lerdahl writes: "The First Quartet takes the form of 15 geometrically expanding variations...Its sequel, the Second Quartet, continues the expansion with two more variations of nine and 13 minutes. The Third Quartet constitutes in its entirety a last expanded variation. At the same time, it interposes reminiscences from the two earlier quartets." Lerdahl's quartets were composed for three leading American quartets - the Juilliard, Pro Arte and Daedalus. The Daedalus's virtuosic complete traversal of the cycle (lasting more than an hour) marks an important event in American chamber music.

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