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"The Daedalus underscored the [Debussy quartet's] formal elegance with impeccable balance and articulation, while also emphasizing its elusive passion and wit through imaginative management of phrasing and dynamics."
— The New York Times
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Insects and Paper Airplanes brings together the second, third, and fourth quartets from Lawrence Dillon's Invisible Cities String Quartet Cycle, a set of six string quartets Dillon has been working on since 1998. These quartets are full of passionate lyricism, bone-rattling power chords, rustic charm, quiet introspection, rollicking humor, and exhilarating virtuosity. The fact that this seemingly limitless font of ideas comes to us in brilliantly conceived reexaminations of traditional forms makes the accomplishment of Dillon's music all the more remarkable. Pianist, Benjamin Hochman, joins the Daedalus Quartet for What Happened....
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Saturday - February 25, 2017
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Chamber Music Monterey Bay

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