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The program opened with a radiant performance of one of the miracles of string quartet literature, Mozart's very last quartet, K. 590 in F major. I loved the way the players were engaged in this musical "conversation," listening to and answering each other in five-note or two-note phrases. Consoling, tender, witty, unforgettably melodic, this great work has just about everything you could want in a string quartet, and so did the performance.
— Boston Phoenix
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The four pieces recorded here comprise Volume 1 of the Daedalus Quartet's survey of George Perle's music for string quartet. Writing of George Perle's Windows of Order: String Quartet No. 8, the British critic Malcolm MacDonald states: "What is hard to convey in words, but is plain to the ear, is the sheer wealth of Perle's inventiveness in musical... See More...
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